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RACIST IDIOTS…. why in the world would anyone want to be involved with this sort of crap?

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I just received an email from Newsmax… (dont ask why I get them, and yes I know I could just use a spam filter… but I like to know what the bigoted idiots are saying….)

anyhoo.. they are pimping for people to support an effort to put these despicable ads on air…

this one in michigan specifically….

this one too…

and this one nationally…

who is behind these disgraceful ads?

Howard Kaloogian,Sal Russo, Russo Marsh & Rogers principal Joe Wierzbicki, and Marine mom Deborah Johns. the same douches behind “Move America Forward” this time, going  by the name “Our Country Deserves Better PAC”

as you can see … truth, and context appear to be a premium for these folks and the production values are “stellar” 😡  (yeah, right…. my 14 yr old daughter can do better with her pocket cam and a freeware editor)…. not surprising though… these guys are a joke… I wonder what sort of people would actually donate to this crap? or associate with these type of people?

these idiots will be in michigan on these dates with their “stop obama tour”….

Thursday, October 23rd
9:00 AM – Iron Mountain, Michigan Rally & News Conference
City Park
West A Street
Iron Mountain, MI
12:30 PM – Marquette, Michigan Rally & News Conference
5:30 PM – Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan Rally & News Conference

Friday, October 24th
12:00 Noon – Alpena, Michigan Rally & News Conference
5:00 PM – Traverse City, Michigan Rally & News Conference

Saturday, October 25th
10:00 AM – Grand Rapids, Michigan Rally & News Conference
1:30 PM – Lansing, Michigan Rally & News Conference
State Capitol grounds
3:30 PM – Brighton, Michigan Rally & News Conference
Mill Pond Gazebo
Downtown Brighton, MI
5:30 PM – Detroit Area, Michigan Rally & News Conference

who wants to go with me and videotape the dregs of society that they will be bringing out?


good thing for some people that they dont live in maryland

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could you imagine having to put this on your door for holloween?

makes one wonder if this is why some folks that claim to be “Christian Conservative” rail against holloween as a pagan holiday.