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the video that youtube, the Olympic Committee, and Chinese Govt. doesn’t want you to see

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “the video that youtube, the Olympic c…“, posted with vodpod


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ok…. we aren’t giving away a car…. but a good friend is part of a contest… and could really use your vote….

go to this page…

and vote for maceri…. go listen to his stuff on myspace too….

the lovely kate’s blog

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if you get a chance… head on over to my lovely wife kate’s new place to write out her thoughts… show her some love.

Putting the “care” in Blue Care Network.

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It has been nearly 3 weeks since we found out about Quinn. I must say… it has been REALLY odd. we picked up his cremated remains this week, and expect to have a small ceremony to bless them later this week. . . the funeral home was fantastic. they get it. Quinn wasn’t just “material” or “tissue” … I have held the bag of ash in my hand…I have seen the pieces of bone within those ashes. HE WAS A BABY. As I said, and as is demonstrated by the pictures below…. the funeral home understood this.


Now, you might be wondering…. who the heck could possibly not understand this?

The answer?

I mentioned before that they required us to purchase out of pocket the medicine needed for Katie’s surgery…. now… they are adding even more insult to injury. See, they somehow have not been able to differentiate between someone who has LOST A BABY… and someone who willingly destroyed their child… and now they want us to pay $800. take a look at what we got in the mail today…


I don’t really know how or what to feel at this point, except ANGRY. Not just about the loss of my son, but at the pure callousness of these idiots…. All I know is I feel sorry for the person who answers my call on Monday morning.