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the racist cunt stikes again

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I almost feel dirty posting this… but read this link…..

seriously…  how much of a racist bag of cunt can one be?


I have always loved this country. NOW, I am proud of it again.

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I never thought i would see this day. this night is as important as any revolution in any country around the world. it is a wholesale rejection of the failed policies of the past nearly 30 years. Reagan’s “Revolution” pushed this country down a path of askewed values, war mongering, and raw greed. That is now dead. it died at 11pm eastern time 11-4-08 when the polls closed in the western states.


Also what died tonight is pessimism. sure, it may be resurrected at some point in the future, but for now, we have an opportunity to move this country forward, to rebuild our status around the world, and to finally, FINALLY heal the wounds of our past. it is no small point of symbolism to have a black man as our new president. it is a tribute. a tribute to what CAN be achieved in this country.

there are no longer any excuses. now we must get to work.


My oldest daughters 15th birthday is January 20th. I have a feeling that i know where we will be.

there is just something about a name….

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sometimes, a name can tell you everything about a person. case in point, these 2 winners….



whats so special about them?  well… they thought it might be a good idea to plan a murdering spree. . . of black people. ooh… and one black person in particular… yup… you guessed it….

and what about their names….

Daniel Cowart – as in tender of cattle…. also one letter away from COWARD… very fitting…

the next guy, cant make this up…..Paul Schlesselman…. a name AWFULLY close to a particular political C-Bag.

both fitting designations for a couple of nazis… a coward… and a C-Bag….

McCain Remix….

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occasionally … i cant help myself… some things just strike me as funny. so, I decided to have a little fun with the video in the last post…. here it is…. enjoy.

who is McCain talking about here?

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if any more proof where needed…..

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that Debbie Schlussel is a racist CUNT (yeah spelled it out that time) … all the evidence is right here.

her words… and I quote….

Colin Powell was a liberal and has been a fan of skin-color-based affirmative action, from which he’s benefited his entire life. Skin color, in no short measure is why he became a General, why he got promoted to the top of America’s military, why he was chosen for a key role in both Bush, father and son, administrations, and why he was given a coveted position on AOL’s board, which made him an instant gazillionaire, once his son (also benefitting from Bush-based affirmative action) approved the deal as head of the FCC.

WOW! talk about  racist CUNT! she is a wide open gaping, two over-cooked pieces of fajita meat, skin gash infected with sores type of CUNT.

And to think, some people shrink in fear of this pathetic (non)woman. I guess that is because they must feel comfortable associating with racist bigots as long as they fit their particular political point of view. or is it that they just share the same feelings?

by the way… take a look at some of the disgusting comments on the bottom of the page. warning, they will make your stomach churn… Or at least they should.

RACIST IDIOTS…. why in the world would anyone want to be involved with this sort of crap?

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I just received an email from Newsmax… (dont ask why I get them, and yes I know I could just use a spam filter… but I like to know what the bigoted idiots are saying….)

anyhoo.. they are pimping for people to support an effort to put these despicable ads on air…

this one in michigan specifically….

this one too…

and this one nationally…

who is behind these disgraceful ads?

Howard Kaloogian,Sal Russo, Russo Marsh & Rogers principal Joe Wierzbicki, and Marine mom Deborah Johns. the same douches behind “Move America Forward” this time, going  by the name “Our Country Deserves Better PAC”

as you can see … truth, and context appear to be a premium for these folks and the production values are “stellar” 😡  (yeah, right…. my 14 yr old daughter can do better with her pocket cam and a freeware editor)…. not surprising though… these guys are a joke… I wonder what sort of people would actually donate to this crap? or associate with these type of people?

these idiots will be in michigan on these dates with their “stop obama tour”….

Thursday, October 23rd
9:00 AM – Iron Mountain, Michigan Rally & News Conference
City Park
West A Street
Iron Mountain, MI
12:30 PM – Marquette, Michigan Rally & News Conference
5:30 PM – Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan Rally & News Conference

Friday, October 24th
12:00 Noon – Alpena, Michigan Rally & News Conference
5:00 PM – Traverse City, Michigan Rally & News Conference

Saturday, October 25th
10:00 AM – Grand Rapids, Michigan Rally & News Conference
1:30 PM – Lansing, Michigan Rally & News Conference
State Capitol grounds
3:30 PM – Brighton, Michigan Rally & News Conference
Mill Pond Gazebo
Downtown Brighton, MI
5:30 PM – Detroit Area, Michigan Rally & News Conference

who wants to go with me and videotape the dregs of society that they will be bringing out?