this is what is wrong with America.

I am all for compassion. I am all for protecting the little guy. but seriously, This is friggin’ ridiculous.

If your precious little snowflake is on a basketball team that loses 100-0… maybe they need to find a different sport. OR…. maybe you need to take the parenting moment for what it is. explain that sometimes, other people are just flat out better than you at various tasks. Explain that life is not fair. You WILL be crushed at some point, by someone, who flat out takes joy in doing so.

Dallas academy’s coach  JEREMY CIVELLO needs to turn in his man card and ask his wife to pull his balls out of the jar she is keeping them in for his whining about the loss. at least one of his team members gets it

“Even if you are losing, you might as well keep playing,” said Shelby Hyatt, a freshman on the team. “Keep trying, and it’s going to be OK.”

she gets it. keep moving forward. keep trying. THAT kid is gonna go far in life, not in spite of … but BECAUSE she has been on the bad side of this experience.

NOW… because of all the bitching from adults, the school who won is offering to forfeit the game because they see it as somehow disgraceful. This is ALSO the wrong message to send these kids. It is punishing excellence.It is telling them that by simply being better… WAY better than the other team that there is something wrong with them. talk about being 180 degrees out of phase.

I refer to our friends at PIXAR for guidance on this issue…. they got it right. with 2 different movies.

yeah, I know they made Dash hold back when he played sports, but the whole movie was an affirmation of praising real talent.


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