I have always loved this country. NOW, I am proud of it again.

I never thought i would see this day. this night is as important as any revolution in any country around the world. it is a wholesale rejection of the failed policies of the past nearly 30 years. Reagan’s “Revolution” pushed this country down a path of askewed values, war mongering, and raw greed. That is now dead. it died at 11pm eastern time 11-4-08 when the polls closed in the western states.


Also what died tonight is pessimism. sure, it may be resurrected at some point in the future, but for now, we have an opportunity to move this country forward, to rebuild our status around the world, and to finally, FINALLY heal the wounds of our past. it is no small point of symbolism to have a black man as our new president. it is a tribute. a tribute to what CAN be achieved in this country.

there are no longer any excuses. now we must get to work.


My oldest daughters 15th birthday is January 20th. I have a feeling that i know where we will be.


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