there is just something about a name….

sometimes, a name can tell you everything about a person. case in point, these 2 winners….



whats so special about them?  well… they thought it might be a good idea to plan a murdering spree. . . of black people. ooh… and one black person in particular… yup… you guessed it….

and what about their names….

Daniel Cowart – as in tender of cattle…. also one letter away from COWARD… very fitting…

the next guy, cant make this up…..Paul Schlesselman…. a name AWFULLY close to a particular political C-Bag.

both fitting designations for a couple of nazis… a coward… and a C-Bag….


One Response to “there is just something about a name….”

  1. Once my man gets elected what is the over under on days in office before some cracker ass, white trash piece of shit, takes a pot shot at him?
    speaking of pieces of shit where is greggisfat?

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