if any more proof where needed…..

that Debbie Schlussel is a racist CUNT (yeah spelled it out that time) … all the evidence is right here.

her words… and I quote….

Colin Powell was a liberal and has been a fan of skin-color-based affirmative action, from which he’s benefited his entire life. Skin color, in no short measure is why he became a General, why he got promoted to the top of America’s military, why he was chosen for a key role in both Bush, father and son, administrations, and why he was given a coveted position on AOL’s board, which made him an instant gazillionaire, once his son (also benefitting from Bush-based affirmative action) approved the deal as head of the FCC.

WOW! talk about  racist CUNT! she is a wide open gaping, two over-cooked pieces of fajita meat, skin gash infected with sores type of CUNT.

And to think, some people shrink in fear of this pathetic (non)woman. I guess that is because they must feel comfortable associating with racist bigots as long as they fit their particular political point of view. or is it that they just share the same feelings?

by the way… take a look at some of the disgusting comments on the bottom of the page. warning, they will make your stomach churn… Or at least they should.


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